About Camer Services

Cameroonian Services and Job Listing Directory

Camer Services (Cameroonian Services), is a free, flexible business|services and Job Listing Directory for Cameroonian Business owners, Companies, Service Providers and individual Job Seekers. Its Essentially a guide to help people find suitable service providers or job offers around them. Users can instantly book a service or apply for any relevant job, Service providers and employers (job posters) get direct notification about bookings and job applicants respectively, providing a seamless flow between Providers and service bookers and also employers and job seekers.

Are you a company|business owner|service provider, looking for a free marketing platform?…Just list your company and grow your business. Or may be you are an employer looking for employees to accomplish a task for you?…Just post a job, and get instant applications from job seekers or directly book the service of a company or service provider listed in our directory. Finally if you are just a skilled individual may be an electrician or travel agent not affiliated to any company, you can still use this platform to look for job offers.

Our Business Listing Directory help boost your Company’s online presence due to our authoritative Search Engine visibility.

About the Author/Founder

Ngunyi Yannick is a Cameroonian entrepreneur, Medical Doctor (MD), and Web developer/Designer. He doubles as CEO and founder at LechTech (lechtech.net) a Cameroonian based Web design Agency. He is also founder and Editor-in-Chief  at Camer infoline (camerinfoline.com), a leading Cameroonian online news platform.

When he is not in the hospital taking care of patients, he spends his time coding  websites and strategizing on digital marketing techniques and solutions…See his personal portfolio at ngunyiyannick.com

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